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We are please to announce our new scalping strategy Made By Rabihfx.com

You can join our Free scalping signals channel on Telegram here

We will share every signal we detect on our free channel .

Please Note that we will not have any paid channel for rabihFx scalping signals

We will  start posting scalping signals  on MONDAY 09/11/2020 

How Rabihfx scalping Strategy works ?

We use several indicators such as :

  1. Bolinger Bands ( modified values)

  2. Moving Averages ( modified values)

  3. RSI ( modified values)

  4. PARABOLIC SAR ( Standard values)

  5. Manual Trend lines drawing

  6. We use M5 TIME FRAME

Note: As Market move faster on M5 time frame and  you want to test our strategy  feel Free to open a demo account here and send us login details to trade on it for you .

After Trial of our signals on your demo account you may ask for account management for our scalping signals with profit share 30% using an account opened under our brokers sponsorship or 50% profit share using your broker

Remember we don’t have any vip or paid signals channel for  Rabihfx scalping signals so you can trade our signals free of charge by yourself

when you open  a demo account here send your login details via email whatsapp or telegram:

Email : contact@rabihfx.com

Telegram : http://t.me/rabih4483

Whatsapp : https://wa.me/224626543264

Here is a picture below below that illustrate RabihFx Scalping Strategy  


You are invited click here to join Rabihfx Free scalping signals channel


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