What is Social Trading ?

What is Social Trading ?


Social trading, which is already gaining popularity in the world  has made forex trading much easier and more exciting than it traditionally was. The most significant advantage of social trading is copy trading, which allows a trader to entirely copy others’ trades under the same conditions and get profit without having to trade by themselves and without any trading knowledge. Due to this significant advantage that social network brings, forex trading has never been more open.

Now any one can make money in forex just by copying other professional traders .

Social trading is:


New traders do not need to spend a lot of time to learn forex before actually starting trading. In other words, thanks to the community’s wisdom, traders can now earn more and loose less.

Etoro is the leading social trading platform in the market


Etoro offers you an advanced and user-friendly trading platform making forex trading an exciting and worthwhile experience for any investor and new trader.

You dont need to be forex guru to trade forex and make extra income
just join etoro here and copy any popular investor

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