Scalping using stochastic

The Stochastic indicator developed by George C. Lane at the end of the 1950s and is actively used among traders all over the world ever since. It evaluates the market’s momentum and compares the closing price to a price over a certain period of time. The idea behind the indicator is that in bullish market

What is Social Trading ?

What is Social Trading ?   Social trading, which is already gaining popularity in the world  has made forex trading much easier and more exciting than it traditionally was. The most significant advantage of social trading is copy trading, which allows a trader to entirely copy others’ trades under the same conditions and get profit

How to choose your broker

How to choose your broker? The Most important is the regulation  If you are in the middle of a search on a Forex broker, you belong to one of two categories. Either you have a lot of experience in forex trading and consider yourself as a veteran in foreign exchange trading and dissatisfied with your